Monday, March 12

Time flies...

Or at least I wish it did.

At the airport, waiting to board my flight. I'm finally seeing my family for more than the span of a few days, and I'm absolutely ecstatic! Although the 15 hour flight is going to painful, it is absolutely worth every second.

Hopefully, I'll be able to update daily while away :) See you all soon (I hope!).

Saturday, March 10


Showing you a new addition to the family later today!

EDIT: It makes all things seem sweeter once achieved. Waiting for a package in the mail, for that phone call that makes your day, or just waiting for that something to happen.

My anticipation was for a pair of shoes.

I've been wanting, and searching the web for quite some time. Oh, the agony I felt when I missed out a couple months back when a similar pair appeared on Gilt. But the waiting paid off. I found it on RueLaLa last week!

Meet the new addition to the ever growing family. (rabbits don't even multiply this fast!)

Friday, March 9

Dream a little dream for me...

If, somehow, tomorrow I were to win the lottery, this is what I would buy. In a heartbeat.

1. Preen Hutchinson Cutout Wool-blend Blazer (found here)
2. Mary Katrantzou Printed Satin Dress for Topshop
3. Alexander McQueen Skull and Flower Bracelet (found here)
4. ASOS Hayden Heeled Sandals (found here)
5. Mulberry Del Rey Bag 12AW

and Neosporin..I accidentally burned myself with hot oil while hurts; not going to lie.

Thursday, March 8

Marni for H&M...

comes out today!

The whole collection is breath taking, but I have my eyes set on one piece in particular.

I'm already dreaming up 101 ways to wear this little item.


EDIT: If you were lucky enough to snag this pair at H&M, please try out one of my outfit renditions below, and send me a photo of it! I would just die of jealousy yet love it to death at the same time, a very complicated love/hate relationship.

Outfit 1
Blazer: Topshop Ponte Boyfriend Blazer (found here)
Blouse: Opening Ceremony Scallop Collar Blouse (found here)
Pants: Marni for H&M
Pumps: Rupert Sanderson (found here)

Outfit 2
Cardigan: Malene Birger
Tee: Mulberry
Pants: Marni for H&M
Bracelet: Linea Pelle
Loafers: Miss Selfridge

Wednesday, March 7

dear sunny (&potential future readers!)

It’s my first post, and I’m not quite sure how to start it. Should I do a brief introduction or an in-depth explanation of my reason for starting this blog? Do I start with outfit posts from the get go or ease myself into the virtual fashion blog world? Oh dear, I do believe I’m at a crossroads. And this little rant is actually a carefully thought out and edited version of myself in person.

I suppose the polite thing to do is to first introduce myself. My name is Yvonne; how do you do? Why am I starting this blog you ask? Well, it’s a good outlet for all that was left unsaid throughout the day at the end of the day. Also I may emotionally dump on you sometimes, so please forgive me in advance. It’s been a pleasure meeting you! I do hope we get to know each other better as time goes on (:

Yours Truly,

P.s. Sounds a bit like a personal ad, doesn’t it? Better or worse than that guy who sings at a karaoke bar about his personal details? (( link )) Sigh, I promise I will improve as time passes. Promise ;)