Tuesday, January 27

LACMA Urban Lights

So much for #snowpocalypse2015!

2 feet turned into 7 inches (sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland).


On a side note, I did not get a snow day as expected. I was so peeved this morning. I drove to work, and the only company I had during my commute were a few snow plowers! This is what makes me upset sometimes. The company I work for has an old fashioned mentality that incurred costs trump your quality of life. Sure, on paper they have decent benefits, but what's the point if the company calls in all its employees to work on a day where streets have not been cleared cleanly, and it's still snowing! I wasn't even able to shovel my driveway before going to work so when I get home, the snow will have compacted and turned into hair ice :\

Anyway, like I said yesterday, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I'm not sure if it's strep? Has anyone ever had it? Whenever I swallow, it feels like something is blocking my throat. If it persists, I'll have to take a day off and go to the doctor :X

Onto the post: I pulled up some photos from my trip to LA that I never got around to posting. This is one of my favorite dresses. For a retailer known for fast fashion, this dress was made impeccably. The details such as the pleating in the dress, the matching belt, and the hidden pockets just screamed 'Yvonne!'. I stalked it for months on Asos, because I couldn't pull the trigger with its hefty price tag. I waited, saw it go out of stock then come back in stock. My heart dropped multiple times over the span of a few weeks each time the dress went out of stock. Finally, the dress came back while a coupon code was available. It was a size too small, but I didn't care. I would find a way to fit, and I did! How are you guys? Did you get a snow day??

Dress | Asos
Silver Heels | BCBG
Necklace | Family heirloom

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Monday, January 26

Incoming: 2 Feet of Snow

Sick! Eep!

I'm a bit under the weather so today's post will be postponed to tomorrow. I promise to have the usual post up Tuesday, so you can enjoy it on your day off if you're on the East Coast experiencing this blizzard with me! Can you believe it? Almost 2 feet of snow!! I just finished shoveling some snow this weekend, and now another 2 feet! I hope whatever I have doesn't get worse :(

Monday, January 19

Red Scarf & Camel Accents

Keeping this post, short and sweet! Like me! I know, I know. You're trying to hold back the urge to vomit now. I'll stop haha

I didn't get much light this weekend, because it rained and sleeted for most of it! I rummaged through my bank of outfits photos I haven't shared with you yet, and decided on this little one, because it shows you my love of scarves. This one is one of my favorites. It's not a name brand. It's not some upscale material like cashmere or silk. It gets caught on everything, but I love it. It was the first scarf I truly loved. It has a beautiful monochromatic color scheme, with a pattern to liven it up. When I'm in just jeans and a T, once I throw this on, I just feel like the chicest girl in town. I know, ridiculous, right? But it just somehow gives me confidence out of nowhere!

The things clothing can do for a person are boundless. It can give you the ability to do amazing things. I love that simple things such as a scarf from a street vendor could be worth more to me than a brand name luxury bag.

Blue Oxford| Uniqlo
Cashmere Sweater Dress | Zara
Peacoat | No name
Red Scarf | Gift
Opaque Tights | Uniqlo Heattech
Suede Boots | Steve Madden
What's your most prized possession sartorially speaking?

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Tuesday, January 13

1 Sweater Dress | 3 Ways

Like I said in yesterday's post, I have a few rules for myself when I go shopping. I sit on an item for a week or two to ensure I love it (& still remember it!). I also review my monthly budget using the Mint app. Lastly, I imagine a minimum of 3 new outfits using pieces already found in my closet. To show you what I mean, I've taken a simple black sweater dress aka my winter LBD, and styled it 3 ways for the cold weather.

Outfit #1

I thought this outfit was perfect for a warmer winter day when you have a special dinner or date ;) It's cozy, but still girly with the full skater skirt. What I love about this concept is any girl can take this outfit and make it their own. Choose a different color sweater, a different skirt length, or different accessories to make it comfortable for herself.

Scarf | Burberry (gift)
Sweater Dress | Juicy Couture
Gold Skirt | Boutique (Shanghai)
Gold Bangle | Family heirloom
Silver Heels | BCBG

Outfit #2

I'm not the type to reach for jeans on a casual day, but I can't help but love this look. It's casual; it's comfortable; it's easy to recreate, and completely practical. The puffer jacket adds warmth on colder days, and helps to hide any holiday weight gain you haven't lost at the gym yet! To make it a "me" outfit, I added a feminine touch via the small purse and tucked the jeans under the heel strap. It's my favorite combo, feminine but boyish....
...if that even makes sense.

Down Vest | New Balance
Sweater Dress | Juicy Couture
Ripped Jeans | Asos Petite
Gold Necklace | Thrifted
Black Purse | Boutique (Shanghai)
Heels | Schutz

Outfit #3

The last question I ask myself before every purchase is 'can I style this for a work outfit?' 75% of my wardrobe is based off of this question since 5 days of the week are spent in the office. I won't buy something I can't wear 70% of the year; that's ridiculous! So to make this sweater dress more work appropriate, I add opaque tights, knee high boots, a blazer, and my new favorite go-to bag in a beautiful neutral.

Cropped Blazer | Walter Baker
Sweater Dress | Juicy Couture
Tights | Uniqlo Heattech
Suede Boots | Steve Madden
Spike Necklace | BaubleBar
Purse | Coach

What d'ya think? Should I do more outfit remixes?

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Monday, January 12

Winter Pastels

Sweater Dress| Juicy Couture (worn as top)
Gold Dress | Boutique in Shanghai (worn as skirt)
Pearl Necklace | DIY (found here)
Engraved Gold Bangle | Family heirloom
Cashmere scarf | Burberry (gifted)
Silver Heels | BCBG
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw these photos. It looks like I'm some crazy lady obsessed with trash cans!

I was thinking about retaking them, but then all the shivering, shuddering and near death calls would have been for nothing! So I decided to show you the photos (where it's not obvious I'm on the verge of frost bite hahah).

I always contemplate a buy for a week (or a month sometimes!) A good 50% of the time, I experience hypothetical buyer's remorse and decide against the purchase. Luckily for you, I didn't feel that way about this warm sweater, mostly because it keeps the heat in and cold out. Since it was a sweater dress, I was able to keep my bum warm too. Unfortunately, bare legs tends to make you feel ridiculously cold so I still ended up freezing.

The reason I bring up my shopping habits is because one of my prerequisites for buying anything is to imagine 3-5 outfits with the potential purchase using only items from my closet. That's exactly what I did so if you want to see how I styled this sweater dress 3 ways, check it out here!
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Monday, January 5

Magazine Feature | Brocade Simplicity

Normally, I go right into my outfit posts. Today is different.

I would like to announce a project mentioned in my Tour through Blogland post: my first magazine feature.
You can read the whole article here.

I want to thank Victoria for the amazing writing and this incredible opportunity with Cliche Magazine (that has still left me a bit shell shocked). She makes me sound like a real big-time blogger!

I've been meaning to spill the beans about this for awhile, but am finally able to share it with you guys. New year, new (& great) beginnings. Thank you all for being so welcoming, supportive, and inspirational. It has given me the courage to do things I've only dreamed about.

*** We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming ***

Cable knit turtleneck | Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
Pleated brocade skirt | UO (old)
Silver heels | BCBG
Spike necklace | Baublebar (gifted by Simone)

It was raining all weekend that I was worried I wouldn't get outfit photos for you this Monday! When the rain finally stopped, I hustled manfriend and me out the door. I wanted something that would display and complement my Secret Santa necklace and still comfy. It was surprisingly warm after the rain so I took advantage and changed up the outfit last minute for this brocade skirt. I love the colors, because I think the light blue/gold match the necklace very well.

I love the coziness of this sweater. It makes any outfit instantly more comfy casual.

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Friday, January 2

Blogger Secret Santa 2014

As you know, I was fortunate enough this year to get to know a group of bloggers whom I call friends. This past holiday season we participated in a Secret Santa hosted by Monica of Jersey Girl, Texan Heart. I cannot stress enough how excited I was to do this. I love giving gifts. I love surprises (for other people haha). Most of all, I love the holidays.

We had a $15 maximum to keep it budget friendly, but also so us bloggers could flex our DIY muscles! I originally wanted to send homemade marshmallows, but didn't know how they'd do in the mail. I decided on my grated hot chocolate mix, a homemade bracelet (tutorial coming soon!), and a homemade lavender sachet (also coming soon haha).

I kid you not. I felt like a kid again (ha, see what I did there?). Waiting for "Santa" to deliver my present! When it finally arrived, I tried my best to resist every muscle in my body which told me to RIP OPEN THAT PACKAGEEE. I did good. For a day. Then I tore that thing to shreds.

I could not be happier with my Secret Santa's choice. This girl knew I do not accessorize enough, and she got just the necklace for me. It incorporated pastel mint spikes with a gold gunmetal chain. It's a balanced blend of edgy and girly! I am wearing it as we speak haha
Big shout out to Simone, the best Secret Santa a girl could ask for! Check out her blog to see what she got!

Btw, happy 2015!! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's. Cheers to another great year with you guys :)