Monday, March 16

70s Inspired Bubblegum Skirt

Ok, ok. We're starting to see a pattern.
But I just love spring. Any indication it's here, and I'm busting out every possible skirt/dress I bought from last year's sale. I have literally been storing dresses like a squirrel with nuts before the winter storm.

I can't quite pinpoint what it is, but something about waking up to sunlight motivates me to accomplish more that day. Maybe it's the feeling that I have more time in a day? That I'm not racing the sun to sunset? Either way, I've recently been dreaming up a storm of what I could do. I'm extremely excited, and I hope you are too!

Onto the outfit!
This 70s skirt is such a pretty assortment of colors like the old Bazooka gum wrapper! I don't know why people see chambray as a more casual, masculine piece, but I thought it'd be interesting to wear my Zara chambray in a typical feminine outfit. The chambray shirt was a great way to incorporate the 70s jean trend into this outfit, and make it an all encompassing 70s inspired outfit!

How do you feel about the 70s resurfacing in fashion this season?

Chambray shirt | Zara (old)
Skirt | Thrifted (Borrowed)
Heels | BCBG
Earrings | Swarovski
Rings | Forever 21

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Tuesday, March 10

Garden State Wallpaper Skirt

Who's a sucker for big skirts, big prints, and has two thumbs? This girl!

When I was thrifting, I saw this big, bright print and knew I couldn't pass it up. It could be overwhelming at first glance because of its length and loud print. Especially if the first thought that comes to mind is the scene where Zach Braff stands in front of a wall of the exact same pattern as his shirt in the movie, Garden State. Yet when paired with timeless classics like a white button-down, simple gold jewelry, and pointed-toe pumps, the calf length dress comes across as soft and subtle.

I love all things retro, vintage, and thrifted so this skirt with its big silhouette and retro print didn't deter me! Plus, even though I live in NJ, I don't live in a house with wallpaper of this print so I didn't worry about recreating the Garden State scene haha

This skirt was a good reminder of why I love thrifting. Because I find gems like these. You'll never find a skirt this in stores these days without giving up one month's rent. It's long with a matching lining and has an amazing print that's both whimsical and pretty.

It's classic, but never boring ;)

Classic white shirt | Uniqlo
Skirt | Thrifted
Heels | Schutz
Belt | Old (unknown)
Gold bangle | Family heirloom

The manfriend kept making me laugh and ended up taking this candid.
I look so stupid, but sometimes the least flattering photos are the most memorable :)

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Monday, March 2

Snowstorms and Lack of Prep!

I've been so good recently with keeping up with posts (2 months into the new year with countless snow storms!). Unfortunately, I've run out of prepared posts that are weather relevant to these non stop snow storms on the weekends. (can't they come during the week and give me a snow day??)

So I've changed things up a bit, and decided to use the backdrop manfriend got me for Christmas. I'm still adjusting on how to take photos with the backdrop so bear with me as I go through my learning curve.

I actually really like how this shirt worked as a stand alone top. It's actually a wispy cardigan like garment with no buttons to bring it together. It was a bit big so I decided to swaddle myself in it and turn it into a wrap top. The pattern, neutral coloring, and low cut V neck reminds me of the Altuzarra for Target collection. I loved that collection, but need to find more occasions to wear plunging necklines, because work is just not the place.
Top | Thrifted
Belt | Altuzarra for Target
Pants | Ann Taylor
Shoes | BCBG

I'm not going to lie, this photo shoot is probably one of the more frightening ones I've had to take for this blog. Yes, taking photos outside while people stare is uncomfortable, but there's always something to distract you, and because of all the noise in the background, you're never the only focus.

When you're standing in front of a white tarp, you're the sole focus of the photo. No pretty floral background to detract from the broccoli stuck in your teeth or that glaringly obvious panty line. It's terrifying. I don't know how the starlets do it. So please excuse my awkwardness in the photos as I was paralyzed with fear and painfully aware of where my hands were every instant I was in front of the camera.

I can tell you right now. I can't WAIT until it's spring and I can go outside to take photos again!!

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