Tuesday, April 28

The Brunch Bunch

I seriously love my sales. They are my chance to splurge on an item, especially one that I believe will be a "forever item," something I can use for years to come. I always look out for Net-A-Porter and the Outnet's semi-annual sales, because I have found the products they carry to be of amazing quality (and usually at the same price as Macy's or Lord & Taylor's!). That's how I snagged some of the best pieces in my closet ;)

     So you're wondering which of these pieces is from such a sale? Almost half the outfit! The trench is from an Outnet sale two years ago, and the skirt is from last year. I've already gushed about the trench coat here and here, so I'll move on to the skirt.

     It is literally the most supple leather I've ever felt. I never understood how leather was considered comfortable; that is, until I wore this skirt. It is as comfortable, if not more so, than your most comfortable pair of ..wait for it.. sweatpants. Because unlike Ross's leather pants on that episode of Friends, this skirt is breathable.

     To top it off, this outfit is Mother's Day appropriate. It's perfect for brunch out with your mom. The pencil skirt and trench coat are a classic combo, but the leather skirt gives it a bit of edge; perfect for a girls' day/brunch! 

Trench coat | Walter Baker
Black top | Thrifted
Belt | Altuzarra for Target
Leather pencil skirt | Sara Berman
Purse | Coach (gift)
Mother of pearl Watch | Roven Dino (gift from my dad)
Black Pumps | Caparros

Stay tuned for more Mother's Day posts!

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Tuesday, April 21

Pretty in Pink

Being a complete dork. As usual.
So clumsy me thought I had lost some of my favorite jewelry on my most recent business trip. I was determined to replace what I had lost, and as fortune would have it, ShopBop was having a 25% sitewide sale! I took advantage and bought a few things, and one of them was this hair pin.

I've always loved this outfit. It's always on heavy rotation when spring has started to settle in. The floral lace dress that I'm wearing as a top, the soft pastel color palette, and feminine silhouette are perfect for spring (especially if you're near cherry blossoms!). But it's always felt a bit lacking; not enough sparkle? I always imagined this outfit with side swept hair kept in place by jewels intertwined in my hair. This hair pin was my chance to bring my vision to life. It took so many bobby pins and carefully placing hair to hide said bobby pins, but in the end, I achieved my ultimate look. 

Hair pin | Deepa Gumani
Lace Dress | Max Mara
Pink Cardigan | Thrifted
Pink Heart Skirt | Gift from Taiwan
Mother of pearl Watch | Roven Dino
Bracelets | Shashi, Alex & Ani
Silver Heels | BCBG

Is that my train? Why is it getting smaller?

Oh no...I think I missed it...
Jk! I just used the train platform to take outfit photos. All travel this weekend was by car :)

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Tuesday, April 14

Shades of Green among April Showers

With the first day above 70 degrees in what seems like months I took advantage with an off the shoulder crop top. It's typically a summer essential, but with the lace and off the shoulder detail, it felt fitting for welcoming of spring.

I've always correlated spring with florals, romance, and new beginnings...and I feel like the outfit captures how I feel about spring.

The top and pencil skirt both have a floral design to its lace, making up for the lack of flowers in NJ. (The ice finally melted off of Christmas decorations so people are finally able to pack away all the Santas!)

The off the shoulder detail lends a romantic feel to the outfit that couldn't have been achieved otherwise. It's something I've always been obsessed with, but never had the courage to wear out because it always felt a bit scandalous!

As to new beginnings? I'm preparing to go to my first ever blogger conference. I've put together a few things for the event, and can't wait to show you guys! But you'll have to wait til the conference, because I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Lace off the shoulder top | UO
Lace Skirt | Asos
Heels | Charles David
Necklace | Family heirloom

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Wednesday, April 8

Sky Blue Prints + Instax Mini Fun

I do apologize for the lack of updates. Work has unfortunately been the culprit for the black hole that was once known as Dear Sunny. Between business trips, back to back birthdays, and countless, endless snowstorms that could technically be considered one very long snowstorm, I finally got out to take some photos and play with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8!

I love mixing prints....is something I never imagined myself saying. I used to avoid them thinking they accented every flaw I tried to hide. But I realized, as always, it's all about how you piece the trends together, and I love how I put these blue toned prints together! I tried to keep the color palette cohesive to bring some balance to the prints. I think it's a great way to try prints out without jumping into the deep end, plus it's work appropriate which is a plus in my book!

I had so much fun taking polaroids that I got sidetracked and didn't take too many outfit photos.

But do not fear, I have some awesome outfits up my sleeve for the coming weeks leading up to Mother's Day including a really unique gift for your best friend:
your mom :)

Are you excited for some DIYs and spring inspired outfits?

Grey cardigan | Banana Republic
Anchor printed top | J. Crew (old)
Printed pants | Uniqlo
Pumps | Caparros
Camera | Fujifilm

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